私のドラミングを変えた5曲(By Pocket Queen)

Pocket Queenが語る「私のドラミングを変えた5曲」を翻訳しました。



Pocket Queenのドラミングを変えた5曲

・Dave Matthews Band「Where Are You Going?」

・Doobie Brothers「What A Fool Believes」

・Meters「Cissy Strut」

・Morris Day and the Time「777-9311」

・The Police「Message in a Bottle」


◆Hey, welcome to this Quick Tips video, my name is Reuben Spiker.


I'm sitting here with the Pocket Queen and she has her top five most influential tracks she's gonna share with us. They each have interesting drumming parts and she's gonna tell us what, basically, what stuck out to her in these tracks and her favorite takeaways.


◆Thank you so much Reuben, hello people of Drumeo.
How ya doin', I'm the Pocket Queen.
And yeah, I just wanna tell you all five songs that have been influential and changed my playing and I would like to start with a song by the Dave Matthews Band entitled Where Are You Going?


The drummer for this band is Carter Beauford. He's actually one of my favorite drummers in the entire world because I just feel like he's more than a drummer. He is a composer, a drum composer and I feel like the parts that he came up with for this song, and a lot of their songs, but in this song particular just gave the music such a new identity and it just opened up my creativity at a very young age with the possibilities that can be created from the drum set and how influential it is to the music. It doesn't just keep the time, but it also pushes the song forward and some of that linear drumming are things, the methods that I still use today.

最初に紹介するのは、Dave Matthews Bandの曲「Where Are You Going?」です。このバンドのドラマーはCarter Beaufordです。実際、彼は私が世界で最も好きなドラマーの1人であり、ドラマー以上の存在だと感じています。彼はドラムの作曲家であり、この曲や彼らの多くの曲で考え出したパートは、音楽に新しいアイデンティティを与え、ドラムセットから生み出される可能性について、私がとても若かった頃に創造性を広げてくれました。ドラムは単に時間を刻むだけでなく、曲を前に進める力があります。今でも使用するリニアなドラミングのいくつかは、この曲から影響を受けました。

So I just wanna do a demonstration of a piece of the song that really influenced me.

[Music] 1:28~


It is so creative, like you see how something like that can create such a great palette for guitars, especially like 16th note guitars and things like that. It just really is a nice bed for all those instruments to lay on. So yeah, it was just a great reminder for me to be creative as a drummer and I'm just as much a composer as a guitarist or piano player or a singer. We play such a vital part to the development of the composition. So always remember that.


The next song I would like to share with you guys, I'm an old school, I love rock music. I love all genres of music, but my parents, my dad in particular brought me up on a group called the Doobie Brothers and one of the first songs that I ever played on drums outside of church was a song called What A Fool Believes.

次に紹介する曲は、私は古いものが好きで、ロックミュージックが大好きです。すべての音楽ジャンルが好きですが、私の両親、特に父親はDoobie Brothersというグループを好んで聴いており、教会の外で初めて演奏した曲の一つがWhat A Fool Believesという曲でした。

And this song is fairly simple. It's literally just a back beat, but that laid the foundation for what I truly loved about drumming and the purpose of it. The main thing that I do love about this song and its drumming is the simplicity of the drum part while all the other components are moving around it. There are so many different colors being created. It starts off in one key and by the chorus, you're in a totally different key, you know? But one thing that does remain consistent throughout the song is the back beat.


[Music] 3:29~


And the next track that I would like to talk about and it really hits home for me, it's a personal favorite 'cause I'm a New Orleans girl, I'm from the south, so I was really influenced by the Meters. Zigaboo on drums, shout out to you Zigaboo, and the name of the song that influenced my playing is called Cissy Strut.

次に話したいのは、私にとって非常に感慨深い曲で、私はニューオーリンズの女の子で、南部出身なので、Metersに影響を受けました。Zigabooがドラムを叩いており、彼にシャウトアウト。私が影響を受けた曲の名前はCissy Strutです。

And one of the most interesting things about this group. I've done a case study on this so many times with my own lesson students, I have a Patreon page, go sign up the Pocket Queen, Patreon dot com slash The Pocket Queen. And we were talking about the group and whether it is played straight or whether it is swung and I kinda got in a back and forth sort of argument about it. But it seems that after I listened to it again, I never noticed, but it is kind of swung a little bit. Zigaboo has a way of playing behind the beat, but still being in the pocket. And I think that in itself, really influenced my playing, my laid back kind of style of playin' that I try to have.

そして、このグループで最も興味深いことの一つは、私が自分のレッスン生に何度もケーススタディをしてきたことです。私にはPatreonページがあります、是非サインアップしてください:The Pocket Queen、Patreon dot com slash The Pocket Queen。このグループについて議論し、ストレートに演奏されたのか、スウィングされたのかについて言い争いをしたことがあります。しかし、もう一度聞いてみたところ、気づいていなかったけど、少しスウィングしているようです。Zigabooはビートに少し遅れて演奏する方法を持っていますが、ポケットにいる。それ自体が私のプレイに本当に影響を与え、私が持ちたいリラックスしたプレイスタイルを作り出します。

[Music] 5:25~


◆So this next track that you're gonna break down for us, this one is kind of a doozy, it's programs by the LinnDrum machine.




◆And it has many different parts, well not many, but some very complex things happening and layered on top of each other. It's a really flavorful groove.


◆The name of the song that influenced my drumming that I'd like to talk about next is called 777-9311 by a band called Morris Day and the Time. The interesting thing about this group is that it's just really unorthodox. I think, rumor has it, I'm not really sure, but I think I heard the story that in the process of programming these drums on the LinnDrum machine that they got misplaced and they ended up liking it so much that they just never fixed it.

次に私が話したいドラミングに影響を与えた曲の名前は、「Morris Day and the Time」というバンドによる「777-9311」という曲です。このグループは非常に異常であると思います。伝説によると、LinnDrumマシンでドラムをプログラムする過程で、ドラムが置き去りにされたという話があるそうです。しかし、彼らはそれがとても気に入ったので、修正しなかったとか。

But I heard this song so many times growing up. And because it was so intimidating to me, I just never took the time to really learn the pattern. And I finally broke it down and it took me about a good solid four hours, I'm not gonna lie. I was sitting in my rehearsal space and just was playing it really slow and by the fourth hour, I had it up to speed. But it's still wasn't easy.


[Music] 7:43~


As you can see, there's a lot of different things goin' on.


As far as like up beats landing on the up beats on the one E instead of the one, it's definitely something that challenges your syncopation as a drummer and your timing. Like, constantly I'm thinking of 16th notes in my head while playing this, or at least trying to and not get winded, I need to go runnin' to keep my stamina and do some cardio.

1 Eのアップビートで、1ではなくアップビートに着地するような、非常に技術的なものであり、ドラマーとしてのリズム感覚やタイミングを問われます。この曲を演奏する際に私は常に頭の中で16分音符を考えています。そして息切れしないように、スタミナを維持し、心肺機能を向上させるために走る必要があります。

But besides that, with playing this groove, it's just very helpful to have that internal clock already going and feeling the 16th notes in your body like this is the click. Tucka, tucka, tucka, tucka, tucka, tucka, tucka, tucka, tucka, tucka, tucka, tucka, tucka, tucka, tucka, tucka, tucka, tucka, tucka, tucka, tucka, tucka, tucka, tucka, that's constantly going in my head so that when I am applying that to my playing, it's already there 'cause as you become more submersed in playing and sometimes you have the tendency to rush or want to rush, especially when your adrenaline is rushing and you're trying to pull off something that you think is difficult, it can cause you to fluctuate in time on the, the upside, so I think definitely having those 16th notes embedded in your head is a very good application that will help you to slow down and feel the groove, feel the rhythm.


My main method always is to start at a slow, slow tempo. Like that in itself will help you, not only figure out the parts that are played, but actually have a better grasp of the feel, the rhythm, the pocket of the song, so no matter what tempo you're at, you're still having and creating that same feeling, whether it gets faster or slower. It shouldn't get faster and feel worse. Or it shouldn't get slower and feel worse. It should have the same feeling and consistency, no matter what tempo.


◆So the last track you had here is a little more of a rock tune, really high energy. What about that track or what is the track first? And then what about that track made you so excited to internalize and break down this groove and incorporate it into your playing?


◆I'm a huge fan of alternative rock music. I love the Police. I love Stewart Copeland, shout out to you man, wassup? And so this next song that really influenced my playing at a young age was called Message in a Bottle. And the main reason why this song influenced my playing so much is because I feel like, once again that the drummer took that reins as far as being not only a timekeeper, but a composer in the record. Like I noticed that in the first verse, in the first verse of the song, he takes more of a rock approach, an alternative approach where it's just like, you know,

私はオルタナティブロック音楽の大ファンで、The Policeが大好きです。スチュワート・コープランド、あなたにシャウトアウトしています、元気?そして、私が若い頃に演奏に影響を受けた次の曲は「Message in a Bottle」という曲でした。この曲が私の演奏に非常に大きな影響を与えた主な理由は、ドラマーがレコード内で時間を刻むだけでなく、作曲家としての役割も果たしたと感じたからです。こういう感じで‥

[Music] 11:16~


that was his approach for the first verse. And then by the time we get to the second verse, he's now in this sort of like Roots reggae vibe, where it's like, (drumming).


[Music] 11:33~

It is constantly graduating into this larger and larger groove and it just really highlighted how a song is suppose to gradually build and how responsible us as drummers are for making that happen or creating more of a place for that to happen. And I think by the third verse, he's laying into it. You know, it's never the same thing over and over. You as drummers have so much power to take a record to a new place and to a new dimension and to create new soundscapes, you know? So I think that was something very important to me and something that I've taken with me as far as being a drum composer.


◆Thank you so much for sharing all those grooves and songs with us and anyone who's watching. Make sure you download those songs or listen to them on YouTube and slow them down. You can break down the tracks. Make sure you check out her tip of beatboxing those rhythms to get them down and we'd love to hear what's your top five favorite songs are and how they've influenced your drumming.


Leave a comment below the video and we'd love to start the conversation. We'll catch you later.
We'll catch you later.



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