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  1. Websites

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  1. Selected recordings of interviewed artists

John Colianni

Tormé, Mel. A Tribute to Bing Crosby. Concord, CA: Concord, 614, 1994. CD. Tormé, Mel. Christmas Songs. Cleveland, OH: Telarc, 83315, 1992. CD.
Tormé, Mel. Live at the Playboy Jazz Festival. Beverly Hills, CA: Playboy Jazz, 7508, 2002. CD. Recorded 1993.

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Tormé, Mel. The Great American Songbook, Live at Michael’s Pub. Cleveland, OH: Telarc, 83328, 1993. CD.

John di Martino

Cole, Freddy. Because of You. New York, NY: Highnote, 7156, 2006. CD. Kopmajer, Simone. Didn’t You Say. Schöftland, Switzerland: Sounix, 2010. CD.
Tate, Grady. All Love, Grady Tate Sings. New York, NY: Village Records, VRCL 6002, 2002. CD.

Larry Dunlap

Laine, Cleo. Cleo at Carnegie: The 10th Anniversary Concert. New York, NY: RCA, 61665-2, 1993. CD. Recorded 1983.

Laine, Cleo. Blue and Sentimental. New York, NY: RCA, 61469-2, 1994. CD.

Murphy, Mark. September Ballads. New York, NY: Milestone Records, MCD-9154-2, 1992. CD. Recorded 1987.

Norris, Bobbe. Out of Nowhere. U.S., Celeste, CMYK-6149, 2004. CD. Recorded 1999.

Eric Gunnison

McRae, Carmen. Any Old Time. New York, NY: Columbia, 53482, 2005. CD. Recorded 1986.

McRae, Carmen. Carmen Sings Monk. New York, NY: Sony BMG, 749038, 1988. CD.

McRae, Carmen. Dream of Life. New York, NY: Warner Bros, 46340, 1998. CD. Recorded 1989.

McRae, Carmen and Betty Carter. Live at the Great American Music Hall. San Francisco, CA: Great American Music Hall, 2706, 1987. CD.

Randy Halberstadt

Clayton, Jay. Circle Dancing. New York, NY: Sunnyside, 1076, 2002. CD. Recorded 1996.

Matassa, Greta. All This and Heaven, Too: Live at Bake’s Place. Seattle, WA: Origin, 82393, 2001. CD.

Pettis, Gail. May I Come In? Seattle, WA: Origin, 22038, 2007. CD.

Laurence Hobgood

Elling, Kurt. Close Your Eyes. New York, NY: Blue Note, 30645, 1995. CD.

Elling, Kurt. Dedicated to You: Kurt Elling Sings the Music of Coltrane and Hartman (live). Beverly Hills, CA: Concord, 31314, 2009. CD.

Elling, Kurt. Flirting With Twilight. New York, NY: Blue Note, 31113, 2001. CD. Elling, Kurt. Live in Chicago. New York, NY: Blue Note, 22211, 2000. CD. Elling, Kurt. Man in the Air. New York, NY: Blue Note, 80834, 2003. CD.
Elling, Kurt. Nightmoves. Beverley Hills, CA: Concord, 30138, 2007. CD. Elling, Kurt. This Time It’s Love. New York, NY: Blue Note, 93543, 1998. CD. Elling, Kurt. The Messenger. New York, NY: Blue Note, 52727, 1997. CD.
Hobgood, Laurence. Left to My Own Devices. Salisbury, United Kingdom, Naim, 049, 2000. CD.

Christian Jacob

Sutton, Tierney. Desire. Cleveland, OH: Telarc, 83685, 2009. CD.

Sutton, Tierney. Dancing in the Dark. Cleveland, OH: Telarc, 83592, 2004. CD. Sutton, Tierney. I’m With the Band. Cleveland, OH: Telarc, 83616, 2005. CD. Sutton, Tierney. On the Other Side. Cleveland, OH: Telarc, 83650, 2007. CD.

David Newton

Kent, Stacey. Close Your Eyes. London, England: Candid, 79737, 1997. CD. Kent, Stacey. Dreamsville. London, England: Candid, 79775, 2000. CD.
Kent, Stacey. Love is … The Tender Trap. London, England: Candid, 79751, 1999. CD. Kent, Stacey. The Boy Next Door. London, England: Candid, 79797, 2003. CD.

  1. Other recordings cited

Bennett, Tony and Bill Evans. The Tony Bennett/Bill Evans Album. Beverly Hills, CA: Fantasy, 30177, 2006. CD. Recorded 1975.

Bennett, Tony and Bill Evans. Together Again. Beverly Hills, CA: Concord, 2198, 2003. CD. Recorded 1976.

Bennett, Tony. Tony Sings for Two. New York, NY: Columbia, 8242, 1995. CD.

Cole, Nat “King.” The World of Nat King Cole. New York, NY: Capitol, 74712, 2005. CD.

Evans, Bill. Alone. New York, NY: Verve, 9428, 2007. CD. Recorded in 1968.

Evans, Bill. Intermodulation. New York, NY: Verve, 833771-2, 2001. CD. Recorded in 1966.

Evans, Bill. Undercurrent. New York, NY: Blue Note, B2-90583, 1988. CD. Recorded in 1962.

Evans, Bill and Monica Zetterlund. New York, NY: Verve, UCCU-9536, 2004. CD. Recorded in 1964.

Fitzgerald, Ella. At the Montreux Jazz Festival 1975. Beverly Hills, CA: Original Jazz Classics, 798, 1993. CD. Recorded 1975.

Fitzgerald, Ella. Ella and Louis. Verve, New York, NY: UCCU-9513, 2004. CD. Recorded 1956.

Fitzgerald, Ella. Ella and Oscar. Beverly Hills, CA: Pablo, PACD-2310-759-2, 1992. CD. Recorded 1975.

Fitzgerald, Ella. Ella Sings Gershwin. London, England: Decca, DL5300, 1950. LP.

Fitzgerald, Ella. Songs in a Mellow Mood. New York, NY: Universal, 19218, 2001. CD. Recorded 1954.

Fitzgerald, Ella. The Intimate Ella. New York, NY: Verve, 839838-2, 1991. CD. Recorded 1975.

Horn, Shirley. Here’s to Life. New York, NY: Verve, 314-511879-2, 1992. CD. Krall, Diana. When I Look In Your Eyes. New York, NY: GRP, 304, 1999. CD.
McCorkle, Susannah. Let's Face the Music: The Songs of Irving Berlin. Concord, CA: Concord Jazz, 4759, 1997. CD.

McRae, Carmen. The Great American Songbook. Burbank, CA: Warner Jazz, 8122765992, 2004. CD. Recorded 1972.

Mitchell, Joni. Both Sides Now. Burbank, CA: Reprise, 47640, 2000. CD. Mitchell, Joni. Travelogue. Nonesuch, 79817, 2002. CD.
Sinatra, Frank. Songs for Young Lovers. New York, NY: Capitol, W-1432, 1954. LP.

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Vaughan, Sarah. Sarah Vaughan with Clifford Brown. London, England: EmArcy, MG- 36004, 1954. LP.

Wheeler, Kenny. Music for Small and Large Ensembles. Munich, Germany: ECM, 843152-2, 1990. CD.

Winstone, Norma. Well Kept Secret. New York, NY: Koch Jazz, 7836, 1997. CD.


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