Example 5.1. Paul Smith, “Angel Eyes” (Dennis/Brent, 1953), introduction… 17

Example 5.2. Laurence Hobgood, “In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning”
(Mann/Hilliard, 1955), introduction… 22

Example 6.1. Bill Miller, “A Foggy Day” (George and Ira Gershwin, 1937), introduction… 29

Example 6.2. Eric Gunnison, “Round Midnight” (Monk/Hanighen, 1944), rubato accompaniment… 30

Example 6.3. David Newton’s accompaniment on “The Boy Next Door”
(Martin/Blaine, 1944), introduction… 31

Example 7.1 Sample voicings that evoke subjective emotional "colors… 37

Example 7.2. “Kenny Barron” voicing for Cm11… 37

Example 7.3. Variation on the “Kenny Barron” voicing, Cmaj13(#11)… 38

Example 8.1. Jimmy Jones’s accompaniment of Sarah Vaughan on “Embraceable You” (George and Ira Gershwin, 1930)… 42

Example 8.2. David Newton’s fills on “Under a Blanket of Blue” (Livingston/Symes, 1933)… 45

Example 9.1. Harmonic clashes with the melody (x’s indicate vocalist’s note)… 48

Example 10.1. Text painting in Schubert’s “Gretchen am Spinnrade.”… 56

Example 10.2: Laurence Hobgood’s use of text painting in “Lush Life” (Strayhorn, 1933),
m.8-9… 57
Example 12.1. Piano accompaniment of a vocalist with a walking bass line… 64



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